What have we accomplished?
Since August, we have spent hundreds of hours perfecting our innovative subsystems and have already received support within the RIT community. All of this was to succeed at Design Weekend in January 2016 where we entered both of our subsystems. Our communications system (ITOC) received the Special Innovation Award and our tube scanner system (ITIC) received personal interest from SpaceX’s own Steve Davis (Director for Advanced Projects).

What are we working on now?
Due to Steve Davis’ and SpaceX’s interest, we have begun designing and building an adaptation of our tube scanner system to scan the rail as well. This will be utilized during the build of the test track and at competition weekend. We have also been working with pod teams to include a proof of concept version of of our ITIC system.

Who are our current sponsors?
We continue to receive support from RIT and have raised about $10,000 purely from donations alone. We even received money from SpaceX themselves to support our rail scanner! Companies such as Maxon Motors and Ximea have also generously supported our efforts.

Interested in becoming a sponsor? Email us at ritcishyperloop@gmail.com

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