We are members of an RIT engineering and research team that has recently advanced to next tier level of the SpaceX Hyperloop design competition. Hyperloop is a (concept) fast transportation system consisting of pods traveling in an evacuated tube from Los Angeles to San Francisco. SpaceX is running a competition for university and independent engineering teams to produce a working prototype for this system (see the link below for more information).


In January, SpaceX awarded us the Special Innovation Award for our proposed sub-systems at Hyperloop Design Weekend. Our team of college sophomores is working with SpaceX directly to design a rail scanning robot for use at SpaceX’s Hyperloop Competition Weekend and beyond, as well as implementing our formerly proposed structural integrity monitoring system (ITIC) on the pod designed by
RUMD Loop (Rutgers and the University of Maryland). By adding our sub-system to this pod for Competition Weekend we will be able to test its efficacy and gather important data, while providing a demonstration of our system’s capabilities.

We hope that our technology will help provide a safe environment in iterations of the Hyperloop for years to come.

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